Why Cafe Pneuma?

Why “Cafe Pneuma” some might ask?  Let me explain my reasoning by clearly defining these two words…

Pneuma (Noo ma) is the Greek word for “breath, spirit, wind; related to pnein to blow, breathe” and is often used in reference to the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. 

Cafe (ka-fey) according to wikipedia, “can refer to a small informal public discussion. These are usually live events, and often focus on starting an open conversation on a particular topic.”

So, I guess you could say that my purpose for choosing this name is to establish an avenue where passionate Christ-followers can come together to dialogue on the ministry and influence of the Holy Spirit in today’s Church. I would love to hear what the Spirit of God is doing in the lives of His people and His Church.  I hope you join me on this journey by checking back often! 

Thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are always welcome… Until next time, why not take a moment to reflect on Holy Spirit’s influence in your own life?

3 thoughts on “Why Cafe Pneuma?


    Spoken in the Hebrew language, the word “Yahweh” is pronounced with a blowing force on the ‘weh’ part of the word. The Jewish people believe that when God blew life into Adam it was God actually saying/blowing His name into the nostrils and lungs of His creation.

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