Missional Living

My life verse is John 20:21 where Jesus makes His post-resurrection appearance to His disciples and says, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

What this really boils down to is the fact that Jesus has called us to ‘Missional’ living.  What does it mean to be Missional? It simply means that
we have the mindset of being a missionary to our culture… or, in other words, seeing  ourselves as missionaries to the communities in which we live!

When I was a youth pastor I used to tell my teenagers all the time, “You’re either a missionary or a mission field!”  You cannot live somewhere in between these opposite extremes.

So, I thought I’d share a few simple steps to developing this ‘Missional’ heart in our own lives:

  1. Learn the principles of God’s Word-His ultimate redemptive playbook!
  2. Live in obedience to God’s command to be a ‘sent person’ in the community in which you live.
  3. Love people unconditionally, for this is appropriate as children of the Most High.
  4. Listen for the cries of lost humanity-they really are searching for answers!
  5. Launch out into the deep–As a missional person, there cannot be any place that we cannot go!

I believe as we take these necessary steps we will begin to see things from a
different view–God’s view.  After all, aren’t you glad someone was ‘Missional’
in your life, willing to enter into your world to introduce you to this precious life in Christ?  Let’s return the favor by living Missionally!