Sunday Comes Every Week, it Seems

Sunday Comes Every Week, it SeemsHere’s one for the lighter side of ministry… be careful though, if you’re involved in church work in any capacity, you may very well see yourself in this clip!

This video was produced by the production team at North Point.  It’s really funny; and really true…

One thought on “Sunday Comes Every Week, it Seems

  1. I know that song and Praise God for being my sheild and sword.
    Change can sometimes overtake us before we realize that we have been sleeping with Eyes wide open.

    Waiting for Jesus to come home and take us to his house ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
    We only relize we are sleeping when LOVE wakes us up

    Remember LOVE
    Accept LOVE
    Feel LOVED
    LOVE will carry you home…..


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