Would Somebody Please Pass the Baton?

I ran across an interesting blog by Earl Creps, former professor at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, MO., who is currently planting a church in California.  He addresses an issue that is relevant to the vast majority of churches today — “Multi-Generational” ministry.  Let’s face it, the Body of Christ is extremely diverse.  And I believe that this is one of our greatest strengths!

Romans 12:4-5 “Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others” (NIV).

Where would the church be today if it were not for the faithful believers who endured various difficulties and challenges in order to preserve what we have today?  Most likely, the Church as we know it would be vastly different from what we see today.  Space does not permit me to go into all of the benefits that we enjoy in the church… However, suffice it to say that the blessings that we do enjoy today directly correlate with the faithfulness, commitment and visionary leadership of the generations before us.

Having said that, I also see incredible potential for future ministry in the younger generation that is arriving on the scene.  This generation is creative. It’s passionate.  It’s energetic.  It’s visionary and missional.  And it is not satisfied with resting on its laurels. 

In order for the Church to survive the coming years, we need a cooperative effort to not only sustain what is in place, but to enthusiastically pursue new dreams and visions of what the Holy Spirit desires to do in and through us as a Body of believers.  But… that is the crux of the matter.  Just how do we do this?  As Creps explains in his blog, there are a couple of hurdles to cross.  The older generation is leery of “leaving the church to these people (that is, the younger generation).”  While the younger generation is asking, “Why would we want the baton you are passing to us?” 

I, for one, believe that there is tremendous potential when generations work together for the purpose of advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ! Check out Earl Creps blog on this topic at http://www.earlcreps.com/article/why-would-i-want-the-baton-you-are-passing.  See what you think? 

Would somebody please pass the baton?  

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