Live passionately!

Nearly four years ago the world was shocked to hear of Steve Irwin’s sudden and tragic death while filming for an upcoming episode of his popular tv show. “The Crocodile Hunter,” after many close calls, and after endangering his life for so many years trying to protect crocodiles, poisonous snakes, sharks, and all other kinds of wildlife, lost his life in a “freak accident” when a Stingray penetrated his rib cage and peirced his heart.

It was a freak accident because there have only been three known deaths in the past 100 years in Australia due to a Stingray attack.  Stingrays are not particularly known to be aggressive.  They tend to be rather docile and tame.  Therein lies the irony… it was not a venomous snake nor the deathly powerful grip of a crododile’s jaws that took Irwin’s life… it was a rather harmless Stingray.

There are several valuable lessons we can learn from the life of Steve Irwin.  However, what I think of most when considering “The Crocodile Hunter” I think of his PASSION.  Steve Irwin had a passion for life; a passion for animals; a passion for his work; and he had a passion that was contagious!  

The Bible shares the example of a man who lived his life with a passion for the Lord–Caleb! Check out the following verse:

“But my servant Caleb—this is a different story. He has a different spirit; he follows me passionately” Numbers 14:24, Message Bible.

Oh, that we would “have a different spirit” about us.  That people would look at us and see a passionate Christ-follower who does not compromise his/her standards; who stands strong in the face of opposition; and who serves others, not expecting anything in return.  I wonder what the Kingdom of God would look like if every single one of us had the same passion level as the Crocodile Hunter?  

What would happen if we saw “No challenge too hard, and no risk too high, and no price too great” in our passionate pursuit of God’s purposes and plans for our lives?  I believe we could literally change the world!  After all, God has called us to be world changers.  “Go therefore into all the world…”

Today, why not make a deliberate decision to be more passionate in your pursuit of Christ?  It could change someone’s life for eternity… it could even change the world!

Live passionately!

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